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Privacy, Security, Encryption Oh boy, what do we make of this? We haven't paid that much attention to the whole thing as of yet, but with a recent public statement on why they do what they do, I think it's about time to address this thing. Yes, Lulz Security, the hacking group (or whatever they are) that's been causing quite a bit of amok on the web lately.
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Actually, the world got the smoking guns on what the US occupation looks like with its enforcement through helicopter gunships, that the US is going through back-room deals to push Monsanto's genetically modified crops, that we were engaging in war in Yemen without the general knowledge of the American public, that our diplomats were acting as spies in contravention of international law and also involved in the extraordinary rendition of suspects to regimes that had no limits on the cruelty of torture they would apply.

The popular press coverage was all about outing private conversations and focused on trivial examples out of a larger context of exposing a system rife with crimes against humanity. I see by your message that they conveyed the intended impression.

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