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Internet & Networking Remember when Altavista was the search engine? Or Yahoo? They stuffed their search pages with useless, distracting crap, and using them became unpleasant. And then, bam, along came Google, with a simple, clear search page and uncluttered search results. However, now that Google has become this massive behemoth, tracking our every move, and tailoring our search results, leading to only being fed those pages you agree with - isn't it time for something new? Something simple? It might be, and you've undoubtedly heard of them: DuckDuckGo. I'm switching. Update: Just got an email from Gabriel Weinberg, the guy behind DuckDuckGo. The OSNews !bang (!osnews) is now live!
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For a long time, I've been wanting to find a simple article that delineates the differences between *nix-style kernels and NT-style kernels. Not high-level design or end-user; actual ways in which their handling of processes, memory, and devices differ. It's one of those searches that I keep making at least montly - and which neither of the 'big two' serve up right.

Search on Google? Linux advocacy, hosting ads, FUD, linux advocacy.

Search on Bing? Linux advocacy, hosting ads, Microsoft ads, linux advocacy.

Search on Duck Duck Go? I finally found this article written by Mark Russinovich:

Yes, the article is basic; yes, the article has a bias; yes, the article is thirteen years old. But considering Duck Duck Go has been able to return on search one what Google and Microsoft haven't been able to return in a year's time, I'm already quite impressed.

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Good find, thanks!

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Fair enough, you were interested in this particular kind of advocacy and DDG worked better for you. Which is great, in the end, that's all that matters. But I'm pretty sure DDG omitted some of the interesting content too. You simply can't fit every rant people wrote on "nt vs unix" on a single page.

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