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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku Alpha 3 has been in development for more than 14 months. In that time more than 800 bugs have been identified and fixed, major sections have been updated, applications have been added and updated, and great progress has been made in supporting additional hardware. Here is a summary of updates, more details can be found here. Also inside, interviews with some core Haiku developers.
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RE: Comment by cipri
by demetrioussharpe on Wed 22nd Jun 2011 15:24 UTC in reply to "Comment by cipri"
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I'm tired of that linux dabates. I have the impression that every "nobody" things, that he will make a good image if he writes something related to linux and/or kernel. Let active kernel developers/researchers talk about kernels. Yes some people might think that you are "genius" if they see you posting about kernels (as long as they dont understand what you are saying, they will think that it's likely that you are saying something true, no matter it it's true or not). But why would you care? Is it woth the effort (of writing and debating) just to give to an anymouse person the impression that you know a lot about kernels.
It's the same about Linux discussions. There are a lot of guys talking about linux who in fact never have been able to write decent c/c++ code.
If you managed to type "./configure" and "make" into terminal and compile an application it doesnt't mean that you are more intelligent or have more knowledge than a 7-years old child that has just learnt the alphabet and can do the same.
Just because you read something somewhere, it doesnt automatically mean it's also true. So please dont try to spread that "informatioon". Spread just information, that you really know, and what you really understood.

And, on top of that, this isn't even a Linux story. If you're the type of person who has to hijack news about some other OS, so you can talk about your favorite OS, then you're really a sad piece of work. The fact of the matter is, this story's about Haiku & the Haiku have done an amazing job, considering how much work they've had (& still have) ahead of them. Now, I understand that people like their OS's, but they really should use some decency. There's plenty of Linux news to go around, so if you really love Linux that much, then go post comments on the Linux stories. The Haiku guys have worked hard for this release & this is their day, if you disagree, try to write your own OS & see how hard it is. And I'm talking about the WHOLE OS, not just some kernel with no userland. To be honest, the userland's probably harder to implement & get right than the actual kernel, who knows. But the point is this: STOP TROLLING!!!

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RE[2]: Comment by cipri
by cipri on Wed 22nd Jun 2011 17:55 in reply to "RE: Comment by cipri"
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Hi Dee.
Nice to see you around. I remember when I switchen to Haiku, aljen asked me about you. I have no idea how much contact you have right now with Haiku, but it would be great to see you around. Also Jonas, Rick, Anthony and Flemming I would love to see in the haiku community.
Haiku has a lot to offer, e.g. very competent devs, and not at least money for developers.
It's a pleasure to have met you again.

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RE[3]: Comment by cipri
by demetrioussharpe on Thu 23rd Jun 2011 05:46 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by cipri"
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Hello Ciprian. Email me: demetrioussharpe at netscape dot net.

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