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Windows "Early milestone builds of Windows 8 have leaked onto the Internet, and considerable effort has been put into figuring out how they work. Though officially tight-lipped, snippets of information have escaped Redmond's walls. So far, it appears that Windows 8 development doesn't just look not bad - there are signs that it will actually resolve many long-standing annoyances with writing Windows software. If Microsoft can pull off everything it's hoping to achieve with the platform, Windows 8 will be as important and radical a release as Windows Longhorn was going to be." Fantastic article by Ars' Peter Bright. His stance on H264 and WebM may boil my blood at times, but this is a good piece of writing. Highly recommended.
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RE: I wish them luck
by bassbeast on Sat 25th Jun 2011 16:41 UTC in reply to "I wish them luck"
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Ya know this, this right here, is what to me gives MSFT an advantage over the competitors, even the free ones. How many years of support have we gotten for XP? Something like 14 YEARS by the time it is EOL? And Windows 7 is due to be supported until 2020?

With Apple it is stay on the treadmill or get abandoned, with FOSS it is the 6 month driver breaking death march, but with MSFT one can simply wait and if you time it right completely avoid the occasional bad OS. One could have easily (and still can) go from WinXP straight to 7 while avoiding the bugfest that was Vista, just as one will be able to completely skip Win 8 it if turned out to be another Vista style SNAFU.

So frankly if MSFT bones Win 8 like they did Vista there really is no reason to panic, as both MSFT and third party software developers will continue to support both XP and Win 7 for quite a while. Hell personally I wouldn't be surprised if third party software continues to support XP even after EOL, just as many programs just released still run just fine on win2K.

So there really is no reason to panic developers, companies are just now switching in mass to Win 7 and by the time 7 is EOL there will probably be Win 8-10 to choose from. Frankly I am quite happy with Win 7 HP and don't see myself jumping ship anytime soon. For me Win 7 "just works" and the cheap family packs made it trivial to switch over all my relatives.

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