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In the News Apple is now more liquid than the United States government, the Financial Post reports. As the government struggles to resolve the debt ceiling debate, the operating balance in Washington is at US$73.768 billion and falling. Meanwhile, Apple has US$75.876 billion.
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So what?
by spiderman on Fri 29th Jul 2011 06:36 UTC
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The government is supposed to have $0 cash. It's not a for profit organization, it's the government ffs. wtf is this article comparing Apple to Government? Apple has more than 7 billion times the cash I have in my pocket. But then I am an individual and they are a corporation.
Bah, it's just a click bait, isn't it?

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RE: So what?
by Lennie on Fri 29th Jul 2011 17:05 in reply to "So what?"
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Well, I guess any organisation should have some money for unexpected expenses. And any really large organisation, like a country government should probably have a lot.

But why would a publicly trading company like Apple need to keep a lot of money ? They are supposed to share their wealth with their shareholders.

(in a way the citizens of a country are also the shareholders of the government, atleast that is how I look at it)

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RE: So what?
by kristoph on Fri 29th Jul 2011 20:06 in reply to "So what?"
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No, a government needs 'cash on hand' to pay it's bills. You know, to pay social security, the army, all of that other fun stuff.

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