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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I've kind of painted myself in a corner with that headline, because I never anticipated I would need another preview article for this project. However, thanks to all your comments on both the site and through email, the scope of this project has grown considerably. As part of this growing scope, I'm acquiring more and more devices, and yesterday, I managed to score a phone which, while almost forgotten by most of the rest of the technology press, contained two very important firsts. Not only was this the first phone with a capacitive touch screen, it was also the first phone with an interface design from the ground-up for finger/touch input. Say hello to the LG KE850, better known as the LG Prada.
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by henderson101 on Fri 29th Jul 2011 09:56 UTC
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You need some Psion love in your article. Difficult to place the Psion, the earlier models didn't have any touch screens, the later models did though. They were full on PDA's though.

I'd also point you towards the Zaurus. Not the Linux based Sl5500 and later, the original Japanese only variants. They were doing crazy PDA based things at the same time as the western PDA's, possibly earlier.

Save yourself the disappointment and get (at bare minimum) a Newton MP2000. The MessagePad 110, 120 and 130 are useless, outdated and very very sloooow. If I still had my MessagePad 120, I'd send you it, but I sold it for about £8 a couple of years back. The MP2000 still goes for a song on eBay, so good luck!

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