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RE[6]: Cold summer
by unclefester on Thu 4th Aug 2011 11:25 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Cold summer"
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You obviously don't know any chemistry because the treat of acidification is exactly zero. It is literally impossible:

- pH is logartithmic. In other words a pH of 6 is 10x as acidic as a pH of 7.

- Carbonic acid (dissolved CO2) is weak acid. A 30% increase in dissolved CO2 has negligible impact on the pH of seawater.

- pH is highly temperature sensitive. The pH of seawater changes far more in due to temperature changes than atmospheric CO2 levels.

- seawater cannot become acidified (or significantly less basic) by CO2 because it is heavily buffered by dissolved salts.

- Ocean acidification has never occurred even with CO2 concentrations 20x as high as present.

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