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Gnome In an extensive interview with the Austrian tech site GNOME3 designer Jon McCann talks about the future of GNOME3 - and why it's all about the apps - why he is convinced that KDE and Ubuntu are actually different operating systems and also reacts to the outspoken criticism against GNOME 3 which has been making the rounds lately.
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Tom Janowitz
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Linux has by far more working drivers than any other OS.

May be .. but we don't install "Linux", but a distro of choice. My - carefully chosen after years of experience - won't support (will work .. but then it crashes) 2 Ati cards .. one is to "old" (actually it's not old, bu integrated, so it's kind of make it look like old) or the other to new. Either way.. your claim means absolutely nothing when we speak about real life user desktop experience.

Is the Linux Desktop "On Par" With Mac and Windows? No Way!

Unfortunately the discussion usually starts from the wrong premise, that the Linux desktop has only recently achieved parity with its Mac OS X and Windows cousins. Not so! The Linux desktop has been superior since its early days, and would have to go backwards to achieve parity.

I use both Linux (school & home) and Windows (work) and I must say - it was *NEVER* my impression, that Linux is better than Mac OS X or Windows XP .. Which Linux ? Is it operating system ? A kernel ? Any standard to anything ? Desktop shell, music player, package management .. anything ? Aaaaa!.. you have the choice .. you can choose to loose ;) And you can customize your @$$ to death (that requires only about million hours of free time every month of playing with your desktop instead of actually doing something with it). It's "better" only in that it can be free (as in beer). I would prefer to pay for quality than to tackle the obstacles of a "free" (as in speech) open source (like i do care) software... that's my opinion .. as the one above.

67 Open Source Replacements for Really Expensive Applications

Why spend thousands or even hundreds or thousands of dollars on a closed source application when you can get a comparable open source app for free? Even if you need commercial support, many open source programs now offer paid support that costs much less than the alternatives.

To get the job done better, faster and in easier, more user friendly way ? What do you mean "comparable" ? You can compare everything .. Comparable is not enough. What is Gnome music app ? MusicBox ? .. what would you like to compare it to ? Amarok is fine .. but it's QT .. ok - again - inconsistent desktop .. i can bite this .. it has cool feature of getting lyrics & info for the song i listen to .. it broke one day because amazon sth .. or wiki sth (don't remember) .. distro won't update it's scripts .. choice I have ? Build app from source .. when ? Do I have time for this ? Do I really have to do this ? A.D. 2011 ? Really ?

No, the ONLY real reason why Linux isn't on almost every single desktop is that ordinary non-computer-expert people are simply not offered it to buy as a consumer item in most stores as an option, side by side with comparable machines.

It is by far the most stupid thing you uttered. There is no single reason for Linux adoption on desktop. There are thousands of them ... hundreds of distros (fragmentation), thousands of apps (variable support), many drivers (so what that I can have a driver for some ancient radio receiver stuff which I don't have, when I don't have for driver for my not so recent PCI-E tv tuner card !??), many DE's .. ok - I have a choice .. but this attitude is not task oriented. It won't help me do my things quickly without additional hassle of learning 1000 new things in a months, of which most will be obsolete by the end of year (yes, I exaggerate).

Perhaps there is one other reason also ... there seem to be a largish number of people who are prepared, for some reason, to parrot UTTER LIES about Linux on the desktop all over Internet forums, endlessly.

Agreed on that ;)

And .. I apologize if I was to harsh few times ..

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vitae Member since:

Just recognize there are always trade offs:

That being said, Linux is not for everyone. It does have a learning curve, which personally I think is good for people, but most people don't want to learn. Contrary to popular opinion, I don't spend all my time fiddling with Linux, KDE or writing scripts or patches, etc. PCLOS just works for me.

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