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Editorial In five years, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst sees the traditional desktop becoming obsolete.
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RE: Comment by motang
by Liquidator on Sun 21st Aug 2011 07:35 UTC in reply to "Comment by motang"
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Smartphone is fine for SMS, or emergency access to the Internet. With such a small screen, that's about it ;)
Tablet is fine when you're not at home or in the office, which means not much of your time. And a notebook is more comfortable than a tablet. For the rest of your time, at home or at work, if you wanna do video authoring, music or audio performance, watch broadcast TV, play video games, etc... Nothing beats the good old desktop™. That's my standpoint 8-)

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RE[2]: Comment by motang
by unoengborg on Mon 22nd Aug 2011 13:14 in reply to "RE: Comment by motang"
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It's just that the smartphone of tomorrow will not have a small screen. It will not only have a big screen, it will have a keyboard, a scanner, a printer,... atached to it.

When you get home or to your office you will place your smartphone in front of it and it will attach to all your pheripals just like your laptop, does today.

The smartphone will carry your identity and your local data and be your portal to the cloud. Why should you have a laptop a phone, a tablet all with a mobile internet plan of its own, when you could keep that processing and commuication power in a relatively small portable device.

Well, as a matter of fact, I actually hope that the smartphone of tomorrow will have a small screen, the 4 inch plus screens of today are actually a bit too big for carrying around comfortably, and if it was easy to connect to a 12 inch touch screen you could carry, and your large 27 inch screens on your desktop at home it wouldn't be a problem if the built in screen was just 3.7 inch or something like that.

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