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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Last week, HP killed its webOS devices unit. Over the weekend, the company slashed the prices on the TouchPad. The result? The TouchPad sold out completely in a matter of hours. This confirms what I've been hearing from friends and family: "I'd love a tablet, but I'm not paying laptop money for one."
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RE: Bummed to see this now
by Yoko_T on Tue 23rd Aug 2011 22:42 UTC in reply to "Bummed to see this now"
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This news would've been great had you guys posted it a couple of days ago when they dropped the price, instead of today, when they're already sold out everywhere.

As for laptop vs tablet, I already have a desktop, so I'd much rather have a tablet more than a laptop for the few times I do travel. As for high demand for cheap tablets, how come nobody picked up those cheap $100-$200 iPad knockoffs that came out before Honeycomb was released? Oh yeah, that's right... because they were all pieces of shit, with the possible exception of the Nook Color, which wasn't exactly a tablet to begin with.

If phones running these kinds of specs cost $500-$600, I'm not sure why you think somebody can make a tablet (with an even bigger screen) and sell it for $200 less, and have it not suck. Possibly the only company that could do it is Apple, since nobody else makes money off of app sales, but Apple sure as hell won't do it, so long as people are always lined up to purchase an iPad.

You're wrong because nobody in their right mind is going to buy something off the internet from an outfit they've never heard of before, especially it's hyped by people they know absolutely nothing about.

Can you say Ebay Scam? Most Likely.

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