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Windows Ah yes, Windows Explorer. One of the oldest parts of Windows, and yet, it's far from perfect. It's hated less than, say, the Finder (but that's no achievement), but most geeks I know aren't particularly fond of it either. For Windows 8, Microsoft is going to make the biggest change ever to Explorer's interface: it's getting the ribbon treatment.
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RE: Going in the Wrong Direction
by Luminair on Tue 30th Aug 2011 02:31 UTC in reply to "Going in the Wrong Direction"
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They removed all the crud with XP and Vista, and now they're adding some back in because they made a bunch of mistakes.

The problem I see is not the ribbon, which is a fine and basic concept, but their implementations of it. They seem to have no rules, just shoving shit everywhere. Probably since they have organizational direction of a bus full of schizophrenics, the result is inevitably a clusterfuck. ....what the hell is going on?

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Wish I could up-vote this comment. The ribbon isn't fundamentally new or bad, it's just a bad implementation of a notebook widget: differently sized and shaped widgets packed in all over the place. You could just about have an anxiety attack trying to find something in it.

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Pedantic Correction: Schizophrenics very rarely have any problem deciding what to do, they're the ones with voices in their heads telling them over and over what needs to be done. The result wouldn't be a clusterf*ck, it would be a wes craven or Oliver Stone film. Its those with multiple personality disorder or Attention deficit disorder that have issues with sticking with a plan.

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