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Legal So, after a bunch of attacks from Apple, Samsung seems to have gone on the offensive against the gadget maker from Cupertino - and big time, too. In three countries, France, Australia, and South Korea, Samsung has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple - with the South Korea suit being the weird one. Unlike Apple's software patents and napkin scribbles community designs, Samsung is using actual hardware patents.
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Upgrades? What upgrades? You mean the $30 upgrade cost for Lion? That? You want that cheaper? Really?

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No, I mean hardware upgrades when you buy a Mac. Configure a Mac Pro and see for yourself.

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Of all the machines to pick on upgrade prices, you pick the Mac Pro? It's the ONE machine they have that is totally meant to be upgraded by the end user.

I've slapped 4 drives in, 24GB of RAM, and extra DVD burner, an eSATA card... it's MEANT to be opened up and reconfigured. If you don't want to do it, fine, pay Apple's prices, but that's really just not the machine to pick as an example.

To be fair, you're usually better off buying RAM or drives from someone other than the large manufacturer anyway if you're looking for the lowest price on upgrades, whether you're talking Apple or Dell or whoever.

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