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Legal So, after a bunch of attacks from Apple, Samsung seems to have gone on the offensive against the gadget maker from Cupertino - and big time, too. In three countries, France, Australia, and South Korea, Samsung has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple - with the South Korea suit being the weird one. Unlike Apple's software patents and napkin scribbles community designs, Samsung is using actual hardware patents.
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RE[4]: Samsung strikes back!
by BallmerKnowsBest on Wed 21st Sep 2011 16:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Samsung strikes back!"
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Look at the iPad unboxing above for an example... oh, sorry, looks like that's Samsung's pad including 30-pin connector for good copying measure.

Remember the days when computer technology was based on open standards and interoperability was still important? But now, including a compatible connector is "copying" (though I'm honestly surprised you had the restraint to not write "stealing" instead).

And this is the "future of computing" that iFanboys are endlessly bleating about? Funny, it sounds more like the ancient history of computing. Apple's approach with the iProducts is nothing more than an early 80s-style closed, single vendor computer system - combined with an AOL-style walled-garden for software and content delivery, thoroughly sanitized and dumbed-down to appeal to the very lowest common denominator.

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