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Apple On its website, Apple has just confirmed that its co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, has passed away at age 56. After bringing the company back from the brink of bankruptcy and turning it into one of the world's most succesful technology companies, Jobs lost the battle with pancreatic cancer.
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by ohbrilliance on Thu 6th Oct 2011 13:21 UTC
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It unsettling to feel upset at the passing of somebody I don't know at all, and especially somebody in the IT industry, which traditionally is about soul-less technologies, when life is meant to be about deeper stuff. What did Steve do? He made nice devices. That's great and all, but shouldn't be enough for me to feel sad. But I am feeling sad.

The keyboard I'm typing on has been painstakingly crafted by him. There are details in both hardware and software which can be closely attributed to his drive to perfection. These that I use every day. It's his doing that made a computer that I enjoy to use, that I want to use rather than have to use.

The industry has just lost a good couple of decades of his talent. I hope Apple can keep things moving along current lines. I have no doubt they can execute an idea, but worry about the seeds of those ideas. Is there anybody else who can champion an idea like Steve? We're not talking about a better iPod, iPhone or MacBook Air, but the execution of entirely new classes of products.

RIP Steve, and Thanks.

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