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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Remember back when Nokia jumped to Windows Phone 7, abandoning all other platforms and future directions? Remember Elop's infamous 'burning platform' memo was coveniently 'leaked' to the web? Remember how Elop claimed Windows Phone 7 was the only way forward, since nothing else inside the company would be ready for prime time soon enough? Remember how I thought this was a very good and sane decision? Well, the first reviews of what will be the only MeeGo handset from Nokia (the N9) are in, and well... To whoever decided to go WP7 and ditch MeeGo: I don't like you. To myself: I'm an idiot for arguing this was a good idea.
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"I'm glad it supports the basics, I really am. I exaggerated a bit, but the point is the same. Qt Creator is no Visual Studio. Its good, but not good enough.

The Linux development stack is woefully immature for any kind of serious development.

Pfft. LOL.

And so speaks Lemur2 - has no one learnt anything all these years? When Lemur2 speaks, the earth shudders and all those who dare contradict turn to stone and burn in hell.

Serious reply: You do not seem to know what you are talking about. Better to stay quiet rather than make a fool of yourself.

What planet do you live on?

All lovely links. Now realise, install gcc and GNU and most of what you mention here can be done on BSD. However, this has zero to do with what the OP was talking about.

WP7 is the alternative to MeeGo (and by extension Qt Creator, and Qt Quick) and Android is the other option Nokia could have chosen.

Um... but how would that have differentiated them from every other Android partner? Really? I expect they got a dood deal from Microsoft, but who really knows? What they did inherit from Microsoft was an absolutely ROCK SOLID developer platform and literally hundreds of people that can and will develop apps.

"I don't really understand this animosity towards Microsoft and Windows Phone. <snip>.

From a user's point of view WP7 has a worse ecosystem than even Meego/Qt, in that it is a walled garden, with barely any apps available for it.

Hmmm... how many apps does Meego actually have? I mean, actual apps for Meego, not ported apps?

From a user's point of view if the N9 could run both Meego/Qt apps (such as Calligra Active) AND all Android apps, then the platform beats all comers.

In your mind. But that is your opinion, not necessarily reality, right? I realise you like to be right all the time and can't bare to be proven wrong, but on this one (Android on Meego) you are wrong. I'm not going to repeat what I said in another thread, but here we stand, someone that has developed using Nokia technologies and has had commercial dealings with Nokia and, er, you.

It easily beats all comers in terms of openness and in terms of readily available apps, off the shelf right now, today. terms of product confusion and app eco system dilation. It will make zero money for Nokia (and I assume OVI was meant to make money at some point) and also, let's not forget that it would seem unlikely that the Meego phone would have Marketplace access, so what really does that leave? I guess if they are lucky, Amazon Android app store (or whatever they call that these days) or one of the other cruddy app stores.

Yet Elop dropped it, and its own Symbia OS, in favour of WP7 which has less than 1% market share.

At the moment. You aren't going to like the next 18 months, because 1% will be a distant memory as soon as there are actually Windows 7 phones from brands such as Nokia. Why? Because they will be pushed like mad.

WP7 doesn't even register.

And where is Meego?

In any sane assessment,

Steady on, let's not get carried away with ourselves here... "In [your] opinion" maybe, but calling anything you say "sane" when most of it is wildly ranting and quite often obsessive, well.. no.

this amounts to Elop deliberately sabotaging Nokia. It is just a shame that Microsoft probably won't go down with them.

Why? Let's just see how it plays out before we make wild sweeping statements.

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