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Gnome Antonio Ospite explores Gnome 3 in fall-back mode and tries to make it look and behave more like Gnome 2.32 again. This summer Linus Torvalds made it to the news for complaining about the gnome-shell design; Gnome fall-back mode is the solution for those like Linus who can't - or better, do not want to - use gnome-shell just yet.
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RE: Regarding XFCE
by MacMan on Mon 24th Oct 2011 15:50 UTC in reply to "Regarding XFCE"
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It is too bad that:

1) It feels so much unpolished than GNOME 2.

2) Its name is stupid, to the point of calling it "Shite" much better...

I so agree, xfce is perhaps the stupidest name I've ever heard, how the F@!k do you pronounce it, is it "x-force" ??? So, yes, calling it 'shite' would be better because at least people know how to pronounce it. And WTF is it with that stupid rat.

I really can't understand switching to xfce, just use fallback mode is you can only understand how to deal with a Windows95 UI clone.

FWIW, I never cared for Gnome 2.x precisely because it was basically a clone of Windows 95, I much preferred Gnome 1.x as it was more CDE like. Anyway, I really do like Gnome3 for the most parts, finally, we have a new and nice interface that is NOT a clone of Windows 95. My only gripe with Gnome 3 is the lack of a built in configuration editor, its lame that you have to install Gnome Tweak Tool (GTT). At the least, the GTT developers should work on geting it to be a control panel icon / extension / pref pane (not sure about the internals of the Gnome control panel).

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