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Windows Ten years ago today, Microsoft launched what would become the world's most popular desktop operating system - for better or worse. Its interface colours were... Interesting (trying hard to avoid bias here, folks, bear with me now). Its early performance was... Not always entirely up to par. Its security track record was... Well, it sucked hard in that department (I tried). We're ten years down the line, and thanks to Vista, way too many people are still using this relic.
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by Saladar on Tue 25th Oct 2011 23:10 UTC
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My bank still uses WindowsXP. Makes me feel like my money is in good hands.

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by REM2000 on Wed 26th Oct 2011 08:47 in reply to "WinXP"
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Barclays in the UK were/still using Windows 2000 Pro!

Although i tend to agree with them, i was a massive NT4 and an even bigger Windows 2000 fan, they were both very lean OS's, which were purely focused on getting work done. Win2k was insanely fast and a lot faster than WinXP.

I put off WinXP until i actually had to use it through software support, but i hated it, it felt and still feels clunky slow and just plain annoying even on a fresh install with SP3 (2GB RAM).

The only XP i will give any credit too is XP x64, it was like Win2K again, fast lean and once you took off that horrible Luna UI, focused on getting stuff done.

Although this post is begining to sound like a big rant against Windows, i love Windows 7, again like Win2k, fast and very productive, im glad to see the back off it and am currently migrating another company to Win7.

I leave this mostly negative comment with a negative last line, the worst thing i found regarding XP was that after 6 months the OS for no reason would slow down, it was visibly noticable on any of my computers and these were clean machines, i.e. no install/uninstall loads of apps, they basically had office, dev tools and that was it, but it still lost it's speed and got slower and slower, Win7 however has kept it's running speed and i have had to reformat/reinstall since installation 2/3 years ago!

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