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Mac OS X And so the iOS-ification of Mac OS X continues. Apple has just announced that all applications submitted to the Mac App Store have to use sandboxing by March 2012. While this has obvious security advantages, the concerns are numerous - especially since Apple's current sandboxing implementation and associated rules makes a whole lot of applications impossible.
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iOS was not designed to be first computer
by Sabon on Fri 4th Nov 2011 17:19 UTC
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I could, and almost did, ramble on about this subject including the still poor security in Windows and the "not for prime time" Linux distros.

Security is a need. Computers do not live in Mayberry (TV show from a long time ago) where the biggest crime is a parking ticket. Computers live in the worst neighborhood on the planet.

Microsoft says that viruses are the fault of users. That arrogant and ******* mentality needs to be cut from Microsoft.

Viruses are not like burglars that are visible. Viruses are like invisible creatures that don't need the doors and maybe windows we use to get into our houses or where we work. Viruses are more like Radon that seeps into your house and kills you or at least can make you very sick.

Choosing Linux, at least for most people, is like moving to a remote part of Alaska where you have to do pretty much everything for yourself. Linux is getting closer but it is not there yet and most people want to live in cities and not in remote Alaska.

That is only one of the reasons they turn to Windows. The other is that you can't go into best buy, pick a computer and say, "I want Linux on this" and right then and there take it out of the store and turn it on and it, "just works". Linux isn't available like that and it doesn't, "just work" for most people.

So people are stuck with Windows or maybe Macs. As Macs become more popular the virus writers are taking it more seriously and Apple has to take viruses more seriously also.

Since Apple doesn't currently review all programs on Macs in the Mac App Store like it does for iOS devices, the only way to protect users more is sand boxing. It's only logical.

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