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Windows After roughly 12 years of work, the Wine Project is about to take its widely used Windows translation layer to a place it has not been in all that time: beta. Wine Project leader Alexandre Julliard, who has worked on the software nearly since its beginning in 1993 and maintained it since 1994, said in an interview yesterday that the beta release is "a matter of days away." He has since updated that forecast and said it would be released on Tuesday, October 25th.
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Hooray for HUMANITY
by on Sat 22nd Oct 2005 08:15 UTC

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If backwards convicted monopolies didn't hide their source code and not play well with others (like the ugly rich mutant basement dweller on the block who wants to rule the world type) people wouldn't have to piss away time trying to run it on different OS

The future is open source, humans working together, not people stepping on each other's back to make a buck

People who defend convicted monopolies reveal themselves every day for the soulless, anti-human disgusting reality tv show watchers they are. These are the type who look into the toilet and see the rim as a halo on their head surrounding their reflection. They can't stand the thought of people helping others and contributing to future generations for free.

Unix has been around forever, yet by default WindowsXP can't even see unix/linux partitions, how stupid is that?

Hooray for wine! Hooray for FOSS! Hooray for HUMANITY

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