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Windows After roughly 12 years of work, the Wine Project is about to take its widely used Windows translation layer to a place it has not been in all that time: beta. Wine Project leader Alexandre Julliard, who has worked on the software nearly since its beginning in 1993 and maintained it since 1994, said in an interview yesterday that the beta release is "a matter of days away." He has since updated that forecast and said it would be released on Tuesday, October 25th.
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It'll Never Fly
by jayson.knight on Sat 22nd Oct 2005 08:25 UTC
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I wrote an open letter to Michael Robertson a couple years ago when he was so ambitiously pushing Linspire's full support for Windows applications...I feel it's relevant in this case, so here's the link:

It'll never fly, though you have to give them kudos for trying.

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RE: It'll Never Fly
by Celerate on Sat 22nd Oct 2005 16:46 in reply to "It'll Never Fly"
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Did he even know about that? I see nothing there to indicate that he read it, replied to it, or even knew it was there.

I hope you at least e-mailed the guy to let him know, people don't just read something because it appeared on some corner of the internet that's still unknown to them.

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RE[2]: It'll Never Fly
by jayson.knight on Sat 22nd Oct 2005 22:00 in reply to "RE: It'll Never Fly"
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Of course I emailed it to Robertson. Of course I never heard anything back either. I actually emailed it to him numerous times...what's funny is Lindows (as it was known then) wasn't even in Alpha stages (just a concept he had come up with), yet their systems picked up my email as a request for support (for a product that wasn't even out yet!), so I always got a canned response back.

For the record, I was genuinely interested in Lindows at the time, and I feel the questions I raised were quite valid. Of course Lindows ended falling very far short of their promises, so I quickly lost interest. As far as Wine is concerned, I'll believe it when I see it.

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