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Linux While it may seem like Linux-only projects are betraying their loyal base by developing Windows or OSX versions, I would argue that cross-platform development is actually better for Linux as a whole, better for individual software projects and their developers, and ultimately better for Linux users.
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RE: Windows no longer relevant
by ilovebeer on Mon 7th Nov 2011 03:16 UTC in reply to "Windows no longer relevant"
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Sure, Windows is still relevant for desktop users, but it's not relevant for the rest of us anymore, and it's unclear how relevant it will be in the future for other people.

Who do you think the majority of users are? Desktop users. Windows isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Just see the bad critics that Windows 8 is getting with all that tablet GUI for the desktop and the secure boot fiasco. *shrug*

A handful of Linux users panicking over secure boot doesn't make it a fiasco. There aren't enough facts to make that kind of determination one way or the other so people should be careful with their premature judgments.

My initial thought about the use of a tablet gui for the Windows 8 desktop was naturally 'wtf are they thinking?!'.. My personal view is that it was an extremely poor design choice. Maybe I'll eat those words, and maybe not. I don't hear any talk from any direction in favor of a rush to Windows 8. If anything, most of the chatter I'm hearing is that people intend to skip it completely. We'll see how it all turns out but no matter what it will not be the death and disappearance of choice certain Linux preachers would have you believe. The rapture didn't happen and neither will that.

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