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Google Finally! Jean-Baptiste Queru (yes, husband of) has announced the source code release for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (technically, it's 4.0.1). Naturally, this code dump also happens to include the source code for Honeycomb - however, due to Honeycomb's incomplete nature, there's no tags available for it. Not interesting from a let's-build-it-and-code-point of view, but it is interesting for ROM hackers - bring it on, ICS for my Galaxy SII!
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I still don't agree with the decision to develop in secret and after the fact open source it. This means that one of the best features of open source, developing the software together, is lost.

This is true, but then again google does not accept external patches beyond some bugfixes so it pretty much negates contribution in a centralized fashion. You'd end up having cyanogenmod pulling masses of code from google and merging external contributions...making them the defacto android tree...

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Well even disagreeing with their policy, you can see where it comes from.

Google clearly decided to work with hardware manufacturers and not pull a Gnome out of the hat.And by the looks of it OHA members actually contribute directly into Google's sources.

A lot of the high profile F/OSS projects are known to have "It's the hardware manufaturer's fault" and "No! You fix your code, our is perfect" attitude. If Android project had it, then you would have not seen the adoption.
There are two points to take away:
Yes, they are not following open development path that is associated with a lot of OSS projects.
Yes, they have their justifications why that is a better way than the alternative.

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