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Apple It's no secret OSNews has a bit of a thing for the BeOS. I can only speak for myself, obviously, but relatively speaking, BeOS was the best operating system ever made. The man who started all this was Jean-Louis Gassee, former executive at Apple, who founded Be, Inc. in 1991. In the second half of the '90s, Apple was looking for a replacement for its heavily outdated Mac OS, after several failed attempts at developing its own - it came down to Steve Jobs NeXT, or BeOS. Be didn't make it, and Gassee is happier for it.
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RE: Comment by dragossh
by mrAmiga500 on Tue 15th Nov 2011 19:13 UTC in reply to "Comment by dragossh"
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Anyone else feeling that Haiku doesn't give them the same fuzzy feelings BeOS did?

I agree. I've been following Haiku for the past 10 years (even before it was called Haiku) and I'm sad to say it still isn't as good as BeOS R5. My computer dual boots Haiku and BeOS - and I keep going back to BeOS because it's more responsive, more stable (I HATE "kernel debugging land"!) and more... "professional". (lacking the little bits of "clunkiness" you see in Haiku)

I've given up waiting for Haiku. I'm not waiting around until 2016 to see Haiku finally get as good as 2001 BeOS. (just like I'm not waiting until 2018 for AROS to finally get as good as 1993 Amiga Workbench)

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