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SuSE, openSUSE And another popular Linux distribution pushes a new release out the door. This time around, it's openSUSE, as they just released version 12.1. Other than the usual latest and greatest version of all the open source desktops and associated tools, there's a few other interesting tidbits in this release as well.
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RE: default linux file system?
by Lennie on Thu 17th Nov 2011 14:21 UTC in reply to "default linux file system?"
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What major distribution has selected anything else than ext4 as their default currently ?

I think Oracle announced they would make btrfs their new default (soon). But to call Oracle's Linux a major distribution is probably stretching the thruth.

Here is what Google choose for their filesystem to store all their data (they also employ the creator and some other developers of ext4):

hint: it was ext4 without journaling

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

Part of the point I was trying to make is that Linux is a kernel that is used in Desktops and Servers along with a mostly standardised Gnu tool chain, but also in many different embedded scenarios.

There obviously can't be an official default for all of linux, as there isn't a single body that can speak for all of linux. So the only way something ends up being a defacto default is by its own merits. And BTRFS has not yet merited defacto default status, and I question if it ever will.

But for the pedantic among us, here is a review of the default File systems found on Linux Distros:

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