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Editorial A reader asks: "Can someone comment on the legality of using my brother's old Snow Leopard DVD to install OS X? My brother has Lion, so why can't he choose to give it to me? It doesn't violate Apple's 1 license per 1 computer policy."
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The question seemed to indicate that the one person had moved from 10.6 to 10.7 installed on the machine. This providing the 10.6 install DVD for the second person.

I believe the issue is even more troublesome. There are two ways to obtain Snow Leopard. 1) buy a disc, 2) buy the bundle (iLife 09 and iWork 09 plus SL.) Option (1) is an UPGRADE. I'm not clear if option (2) is an upgrade or not. So, unless the user has a fully licensed Leopard disc (one for every SL instance) or possibly got a bundle, the first option is definitely not conforming to the license the disc was sold under.

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There are two ways to obtain Snow Leopard...

There are two ways to obtain Lion: 1) Buy it with a new computer. 2) Buy an upgrade in the App Store.

So, in the first case you have two computers with two licenses, in the second - one computer with one license.

Using previous version disk is not any different from using the latest version disk. Can you take your brother's Lion disk and install it on another computer?

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There's a third way to buy Lion, which is to buy it on a USB stick.

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