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Windows Windows 8 will have both the new Metro-style applications and user interface and the traditional Windows 7 desktop for legacy applications, which kind of runs like an application. Since legacy applications have to be recompiled to run on ARM anyway, it's always been a bit unclear if the ARM version of Windows 8 would include the legacy desktop at all - even Microsoft itself confirmed it wasn't sure yet. Microsoft bloggers Mary-Jo Foley and Paul Thurrot have fresh rumours that Microsoft has now made the decision to remove the legacy desktop from the ARM version.
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RE[5]: missed opportunity
by henderson101 on Sat 3rd Dec 2011 17:01 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: missed opportunity"
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Are you seriously advocating that those nearly compete with the content creation power of a desktop or laptop ? That you would without question type a 25-pages LaTeX report on an iPad ? I know that some people have fun finger painting and that someone from Gorillaz made a song or two on an iPad, but that does not mean that the tool is nearly as well-suited to the job as alternatives...

Yes, I would. I've written long documents in Pages on my iPad. Honestly.

I've also recorded demos on my iPad in GarageBand. For GarageBand, you can start a project on the way home (lay down some drums and synths) then import the project in to GarageBand on the Mac and finish off with live instraments. But, I've also done 100% on my iPad, and iPhone as well. Having GarageBand on the iPhone is mind bending. A tascam portastudio 04 used to be £300+ as a stand alone in the 1990's. 4 tracks. GarageBand will do 8 tracks, and costs next to nothing. Yeah, you have to buy the phone/device, but if you have it anyway... Well...

Oh - and iMovie. Since iOS 5, my Kodak zi8 is supported out of the box, so I can record video and edit "live" and have it on YouTube/Vimeo right away. Again, game changer for me.

Oh, and I replied to this on an iPad 2 using the virtual keyboard. So, I stand by everything I'm saying and living by my words.

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