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Editorial A reader asks: "Can someone comment on the legality of using my brother's old Snow Leopard DVD to install OS X? My brother has Lion, so why can't he choose to give it to me? It doesn't violate Apple's 1 license per 1 computer policy."
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Pure and simple. No-one has to agree, or disagree, with anything. There is no negotiation involved, there is nothing to negotiate.

I think the confusion betwen us is symantics.

If one is remaining within the limitations stipulated by a license; one is demonstrating implicit agreement to remain within the limitations of the lincense. Agreement does not have to be negociated nore does it apply only to one's opinion of the terms.

In terms of the GPL. The fact that it provides extremely broad limitations which are nearly impossible not to remain within does not change the fact that implicit agreement is demonstrated by remaining within the limitations.

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