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Editorial I was reading today about how Linux Mint developers altered the Banshee music player source code to redirect affiliate revenue from Amazon music orders to them instead of Banshee. They've reportedly made less than $4, which has caused a kerfluffle among those paying attention to that corner of the world. But it raises a larger point that has been swirling around for a couple of decades: an OS vendor has a lot of power to influence, and even monetize their user base. Where should they draw the line?
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RE[2]: Drawing the line - how is it made?
by jabbotts on Tue 13th Dec 2011 18:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Drawing the line"
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Actually I don't give a f--k[1], but about some sick guy watching child porn as long as he leaves alone any kids

Where do you think the content came from in the first place? Some sick guy (or girl) watching child abuse has the pictures or video to watch because some child was abused.

I would personally care very much if I knew such a person because they are supporting the original abuse by coveting the products of that abuse and are premoting further abuses by providing a market for it. If it is a mental illness that motivates them then they are also premoting the condisitons to abuse a child themselves.

Indirect abuse (watching) does not exist in a vaccume all on it's own with no direct abuse (doing) to support it.

If what you mean is simulated content like porn actors of age pretending to be underage or freaky hentai then that does say quite a bit about the audience buying the content and could still fuel abusive compulsions. (though, if one has to find any sort of silver ligning, at least it wasn't produced through abuse though it may lead to abuse.)

Granted, the this is really not the place for discussion of such a vile topic and marching it out as an example for a discussion on cencership seems like sensationalization if not blatantly accessive.

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