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Novell and Ximian Novell is expected to initiate a major round of layoffs that could cut 1000 or more jobs in an attempt to restore the server software company's financial strength, according to employees familiar with the plan.
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Not good news
by on Sun 23rd Oct 2005 06:00 UTC

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Hmmn, all the many suggestions around the place for Novell to start making money out of its Linux offerings tend to overlook that the amount of money that the Linux bits can produce in a reasonable time-frame is a fraction of that required to maintain Novell in anything like its present form. Especially if you start returning its cash balances to the stockholders which is what they are agitating for, a bit of a giveaway as to what they think.

So I guess Novell is either going to have to "slim down" into something almost unrecognizable compared to the Novell of today, get taken over and broken up, or go under and suffer the indignity of a fire sale. I know this sounds pessimistic, but the underlying assumption in articles on the net seems to be that Novell is destined for the intensive care ward.

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