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Google Once upon a time, in a land, far, far away, there were two mobile operating systems. One of them was designed for mobile from the ground up; the other was trying really hard to copy its older, desktop brother. One was limited in functionality, inflexible and lacked multitasking, but was very efficient, fast, and easy to use. The other had everything and the kitchen sink, was very flexible and could multitask, but had a steep learning curve, was inconsistent, and not particularly pretty.
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RE[4]: Some corrections...
by Not2Sure on Wed 21st Dec 2011 23:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Some corrections..."
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Sorry, but when you post complete nonsense that is factually wrong as "evidence" of some ranting view you are doing an injustice to anyone who reads it and accepts your propaganda as having any basis in reality.

You made an absurd assertion ranting about how bad iOS was that it didn't provide a feature for handling content the way J2ME CHAPI did. I provided a link for you showing exactly how it in fact does. I can't help if that troubles your worldview. The interwebz is supposed to be about human progress not a forum for you to spread FUD in exchange for fanboish affirmation.

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