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Google It really hasn't been Google's week. First the entire internet exploded because of some uninteresting nonsense regarding social networking (really internet?), but today something happened that's actually a bad thing and worth talking about: in Kenya, Google has been caught accessing the databases of a competing business, and offering Google's own product to the people in the database. Google has already apologised, and is currently investigating the matter.
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RE[6]: Do no evil
by sbergman27 on Sun 15th Jan 2012 20:01 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Do no evil"
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Why would I even posit such a silly question and think it says anything about Google?

It was an important market. They were trying to act as ethically as possible in a difficult situation. And they let their ethical stance and strategy cause them to make a rash move which, in retrospect, may not have been the wisest move, from either the standpoint of their ethical or business goals.

The question is: do I actually think Google "stood up to" China when they are now admitting they need China's business and are looking to reverse or at least increase other business in China not long after?

Years after.

But I've learned to limit the time I allocate to people promoting agendas *against* this or that. Rarely is it a productive use of time.

You hate Google? Fine. I am merely concerned about particulars.

I will continue to watch, wait, and evaluate according to my observations.

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RE[7]: Do no evil
by thavith_osn on Sun 15th Jan 2012 22:02 in reply to "RE[6]: Do no evil"
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Years after - LOL...

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