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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Let this be a lesson. After posts by John Gruber and Shawn King, this happened to Violet Blue. "The misinformation gave a significant number of people fuel to stalk me, attack me for hours at a time, malign, insult me in disgusting ways, threaten me with weapon-specific violent death (an axe), and lead social media attempts to force me to lose my job over the matter. Many referenced John Gruber, and/or his post as they did this. Plans were openly made to make media to attack me - another Angry Mac Bastards podcast." Disgusting story, and sadly enough, this isn't the first time this has happened, as Blue notes in her article. I don't like talking about these matters (you don't want to know the kind of crap that gets thrown my way at times), but I can assure you my inbox has seen its share of pure vitriol after Gruber links to an OSNews piece. It ain't pretty.
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And most of these are quite harmless in themselves. If someone wants to show off their new Gadget and feel special for a bit, I honestly don't see the problem. I like to show off my new bicycle/pc/motorbike mod to my mates. The problem is that when it turns almost religious.

I agree completely! I couldn't care less what gadget one is using as long as they go about their business. It is when people start spreading brand evangelism that I get irritated. And idealizing a brand?? C'mon, please spare me.

I trade jokes with a friend of mine, she is a tri-athlete, the joke is that tri-athletes fall off their bikes more often than "real" road cyclists like myself.

I, too, trade jokes with a friend of mine, he is a scratch golfer and whenever he comments on my golf swing (which is terrible btw) I remind him of judo tournamnets that I've won. I guess what I trying to say is that: tri-athletes are good at a number of things while road cyclists only in one.

*No slight intended*

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:D. Best argument I have heard for falling off your bike.

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