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ReactOS Oh ReactOS. This project has been with us for a very long time now, and since day one, I never really knew what to think of it. They always seem to be running at least 300 miles behind the Win32 bandwagon, but what they've accomplished so far is insanely impressive nonetheless. This new release comes with quite a lot of new stuff.
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WINE and all its by-products are doomed as long as they depend on X11. X11 on Mac OS X never showed much potential and hasn't changed in ten years, so to speak.

There isn't a strong WINE community on Mac OS X -- X11 was a temporary evil for running it, an implementation using Quartz (Mac OS X native display system) was coming. It was 2006 or 2007. I'm still waiting.

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Well, it has changed. It have been replaced by XQuartz and it is based on recent Xorg code. It is also installed by default.

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WINE and all its by-products are doomed as long as they depend on X11.

Good that Wayland is well underway then ;)

Seriously, the ReactOS Win32 subsystem is largely Wine and it isn't running on X11. Wine itself will probably switch to a more modern display system when it becomes sensible to do so.

Spelling doom for a project that is nearing 2 decades of existence is funny though.

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