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ReactOS Oh ReactOS. This project has been with us for a very long time now, and since day one, I never really knew what to think of it. They always seem to be running at least 300 miles behind the Win32 bandwagon, but what they've accomplished so far is insanely impressive nonetheless. This new release comes with quite a lot of new stuff.
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RE[3]: Pretty cool...
by MacTO on Thu 9th Feb 2012 08:31 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pretty cool..."
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It's not what you said. It's how you said it. Saying that the developers need to address stability is one thing. Comparing its stability to Windows 95 is easily (mis)interpreted as trolling.

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RE[4]: Pretty cool...
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 9th Feb 2012 09:29 in reply to "RE[3]: Pretty cool..."
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Bleh. I guess comparing to another OS that it is is supposed to be mimicking as close to 100% as possible is somehow "wrong" then? Where the f*** is the logic in that? Maybe I should be comparing ReactOS to Mac OS 9 then? Or Linux? Or maybe even one of the BSDs? Then maybe I'd be modded down for trying to compare it to unlike operating systems. WTF? I mean... come on, seriously.

Yeah, yeah--you can say that "these days ReactOS is targeting Win2000". But I can say right back, sure, but it was originally targeting Win9x... and it has yet to get caught up fully to *either* target. No matter what Windows version it is targeting, it is Win32, which means both Win9x and WinNT (32-bit).

I say that it has has yet to surpass its predecessor from 1995 in terms of stability, what's so unfair about that? Seriously... is ReactOS trying to compete against something besides Win32 these days or something?

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RE[5]: Pretty cool...
by Andre on Thu 9th Feb 2012 20:28 in reply to "RE[4]: Pretty cool..."
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Windows 9x has a totally different architecture then the NT family. So just saying it's Win32 is not really working. It would even be more adequate to compare it with NT 4.0 then Windows 95.

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