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Legal "Samsung, in its first acknowledgment of the European Commission's antitrust investigation of its patent licensing practices, Friday said it believed the commission would ultimately conclude the company complies with the rules. The investigation arose out of Samsung's dispute with Apple over trademarks and patents that cover smartphones and tablet computers."
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RE[4]: Samsung Europe
by zima on Sat 11th Feb 2012 23:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Samsung Europe"
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Sucks all around but you can't pick and choose laws and you can't claim that a law is biased with some tangible proof. These are 1st world countries after all with democratically elected leaders.

If that's the way you reach conclusions... The causal connection between one and the other is not very firm - in fact, democratic elections / populisms make many biases easier; maybe you're just too used to them...

Just one bias from unrelated field: research shows light drug usage to be pretty consistent across demographic spectrum, and yet IIRC 80-90% of those actually prosecuted from it in the US are inner-city blacks - records of which, down the line, also throw equal employment & education laws out the window; the place is, together with the UK (both 1st world democracies), at the bottom among developed countries in social mobility (essentially, the measure of how much results in life depend on your own efforts, also within legal framework, vs. how much on circumstances of birth, family, place, etc.).

Or - when was the last time you elected a really bald and short president? (I'd imagine the expected prospective & competent demographic to be somewhat higher in those traits than society average)

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