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X11, Window Managers "Although current discussion of the Linux desktop tends to focus on the disharmony around Unity and the GNOME shell, the true revolution on the desktop is taking place out of sight of users. The Wayland display server is expected to reach version 1.0 later this year, and is seen by many as the long term replacement for the X Window System, with real potential to improve and transform the performance of the desktop for Linux users."
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Wow! What a small response!
by hibridmatthias on Thu 16th Feb 2012 17:55 UTC
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I am so surprised that his got such a small response. How awesome is this? A potenital to finally move away from X. The Plusses:

1. Complete with the modularity to accomodate for network transparency in the future for those who want or need it, and a way to continue to use X until it comes along! Talk about a clear path to adoption for those requiring that feature!

2. The ability to take advantage of kernel features, clean out all the code that isn't really necessary to render a single PC/desktop, and once again still use X until the clean up is complete!

Yowza! I've been excited about this project since I read about it on phoronix and then checked out the home page! I don't understand how no one else can be...

Oh well, Ill just do my happy dance over here in the corner :-)

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