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Microsoft The outage on Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud computing platform that caused the government's G-Cloud service to go offline was the result of a calculation error caused by the extra day in February due to the leap year. Writing on the Azure blog the firm's corporate vice president for service and cloud, Bill Laing, said while the firm had still to fully determine the cause of the issue, the extra date in the month appeared the most likely cause.
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I don't get it!
by AnythingButVista on Fri 2nd Mar 2012 14:20 UTC
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We've been having leap years long before computers were invented. We have one every four years. None of my Android devices had problems on February 29 or March 1st. Even Windows didn't have problems with the extra day. How can Microsoft's Azure division drop the ball so miserably with something so simple, for which there's plenty of source code sample on how to handle?!

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RE: I don't get it!
by ggiunta on Sat 3rd Mar 2012 10:45 in reply to "I don't get it!"
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I'm running windows 7 and I definitely had problems yesterday: the time on my PC was off by one hour, but the timezone was set correctly.
I checked the configuration, and it said that it had synced in the morning from That service seemed not to be responding very well (maybe it's hosted on azure now?), I'd put the blame on it rather than the OS itself, but stil...

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