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Legal If you run a web site or service that runs afoul of US law, and that site is hosted overseas, then the US legal system doesn't have much recourse, right? Wrong. Because the .com, .net, and .org top level domains are managed by a US company, the government can come to Verisign with a court order and seize your domain, effectively shutting you down. And because of a quirk of internet history that made the US-controlled domains the de-facto standard for web sites, this is a situation that's quite possibly permanent.
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Maybe I understood it wrong, but isn't decentralised domain names already available. As far as I understand, it is managed via the Namecoin project (a child project of Bitcoin).
<li> Namecoin - A DNS alternative based on Bitcoin [ ]
<li> Namecoin DNS Servers [ ]

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My understanding is that that is an alternate root-zone to the standard ICANN. There's been a few of those that have cropped up over the years.

I think 'decentralized' as it is put in this article is referring to a 'dynamic' domain, or one that doesn't depend on a specific tld or url to operate. I imagine something like wikileaks and its mirrors would be the closest example.

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Possibly, but its made by the same people as bitcoin. A huge red flag for me. Bitcoin is a noble idea that's economically naive about the effects of deflation. So what is this alternative DNS solution naive about?

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