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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This past week and this weekend I've finally found the time to enter into the colorful world of custom Android ROMs. After figuring out just how insanely great and awesome ClockWorkMod Recovery is, I set about to figure out what the best Ice Cream Sandwich ROM is for the Galaxy SII. While the answer to that question became clear quite quickly, this answer also gave rise to a whole bunch of other questions.
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Why do you think you'd break the Lumia?

Maybe I wouldn't break this one, I trust Nokia to build robust hardware and that polycarbonate shell could protect the glass well enough if it keeps the phone light. The problem here lies more in the lack of physical keyboard.

Since I have first tried it out, I have kept thinking that putting today's touchscreen technology on a phone form factor is a mistake. It is expensive, needs large screens and fast hardware that both eat lots of battery, and takes lots of screen estate for the simplest things. I do believe that touchscreens have the potential to become a proper button replacement in a few years, once they all support such things as hovering ( ) and haptic feedback ( ). For now, it seems to me that it is a loss. Since manufacturers leave me no choice, I do have to deal with the touchy stuff in the end, but I still ask for a hardware keyboard to type on as a minimum.

And then, of course, I have issues with Nokia in particular, as discussed in more details above.

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