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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Because I've been spending days browsing through XDA, reading CM changelogs, and flashing nightly builds, I'm still in an Android state of mind, so excuse me for more talk on the subject. An interesting study has been performed which found that advertisements in Android applications are a huge battery drain - they account for up to 75% of an application's battery usage.
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RE[3]: Thorny situation
by WorknMan on Tue 20th Mar 2012 23:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Thorny situation"
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If one spends N quatloos to get rid of the ads in an app, does that mean one will save at least N quatloos on the electric bill?

I think the better question to ask is, do you really want ads EVERYWHERE? Of course, if images like this doesn't bother you:

Then I suppose you're ok with having ads shoved down your throat every time you blink.

IMO, the less ads we have as a whole, the better off we are as a society. If I have the chance to avoid them in my apps for less than a cup of coffee, I will do so.

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