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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This past week and this weekend I've finally found the time to enter into the colorful world of custom Android ROMs. After figuring out just how insanely great and awesome ClockWorkMod Recovery is, I set about to figure out what the best Ice Cream Sandwich ROM is for the Galaxy SII. While the answer to that question became clear quite quickly, this answer also gave rise to a whole bunch of other questions.
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RE: Not an engineering problem
by earlycj5 on Wed 21st Mar 2012 03:42 UTC in reply to "Not an engineering problem"
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I keep seeing "Differentiation" as a reason.

Why is it then that PC manufacturers that sell MS Windows sell PCs based on hardware specs and when you start it up you can expect to see the same "Start" button in the lower left corner, the same system tray on the right, etc.?

Why is this OK for them but not phone manufacturers?

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