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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Good news, open source enthusiasts: as they've done with pretty much every one of the Android phones and updates, Samsung has posted the open source code for the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Galaxy S II's operating system. While the update itself is only available in Europe and South Korea, any international version of the i9100 can apply it, and with the open source code ROM builders and other modders will be able to do more advanced ports and advanced ROMs."
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Just the Kernel
by c0m47053 on Thu 22nd Mar 2012 09:05 UTC
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It's worth pointing out that Samsung have only released their fork of the Android kernel as open source, which they are legally obliged to under the GPL.

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RE: Just the Kernel
by bouhko on Thu 22nd Mar 2012 09:56 in reply to "Just the Kernel"
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Does it include drivers or are those supplied as binary blobs ?
If drivers are included (I doubt it), this might help Cyanogen. Otherwise, it's pretty useless.

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RE[2]: Just the Kernel
by No it isnt on Thu 22nd Mar 2012 11:10 in reply to "RE: Just the Kernel"
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Any binary blobs will be included on the phone, so you'll be able to use them with a modified version of the kernel.

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