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Hardware, Embedded Systems For years and years now (since the first G4 iBooks), whenever someone asked me for advice about what laptop to buy, my standard answer was simple: get an Apple laptop. Doesn't matter which one. Apple was so far ahead of the competition it just wasn't funny anymore. This past weekend, though, marked the end of an era for me: for the first time, I advised someone to get an Asus ZenBook instead.
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by Bounty on Wed 28th Mar 2012 17:56 UTC
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Laptop selection is a personalized experience. There is no "the one" to rule them all. For me, I like to do some gaming anywhere and everywhere. I also watch movies on it. Show me the macbook with an ATI 5870M or better and a 15+" screen for 1100$? It's heavy, but I don't carry it to business mettings. Battery life isn't 5 hours, but that's not how I use it 80% of the time. Most of the niche software I use with it (serial port connected GPS devices etc) is windows only.

My work laptop is a small, light windows laptop with a real serial port and dual replaceable batteries that I use to config and test hardware. I could use a macbook, but I'd end up dual booting anyways because of specialized software, so why bother when windows does everything I need?

Doesn't mean I hate macbooks. They have perfect niches, just not for me. Same for netbooks, convertable tablets PCs, tablet PCs, android tablets, android tablets with keyboards (TF Prime,) ipads etc. Right tool for the job.

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