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Internet & Networking The Goodbye, Microsoft website has been a good source of Linux information for five years, focusing on issues like compatibility, mature computers, performance, applications, light distros, and reviews. The site just posted its Big Board of Linux Distributions, a list that gives you quick info on Linux distros sorted by hardware requirements. Here's to hoping this useful non-commercial website is with us for the next five years.
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RE: astroturfing
by Nth_Man on Fri 30th Mar 2012 08:22 UTC in reply to "astroturfing"
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List of things that keep on existing:
- Had enough of license agreements [Every time someone installs Word, for example, has to read the EULA, and this is an exhausting work, it even says that your local laws can apply, so you have to read them if you want to know what you are agreeing to, which is a legal must. And the EULAs keep on changing as time goes by]
- Lock-downs, and restrictions on what you can do with your computer? [Yes, Windows users have to read the EULA. Have people seen that Windows users who aren't even allowed to change their wallpaper? That's humiliant. The difference between "Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate" is all about the restrictions that are put on people. Maybe in your country you can't use Windows, you have to read the EULA, which goes changing. Let's realize if someone pays for a Windows license and go to his computer, he can't install his computer without asking Microsoft for permissions (via internet or phone), the EULA reserves exclusives rights for Microsoft.
- Worried about your business being sued for making a careless copy? Yes, that also happens. The BSA wins money this way.
- Etc.

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