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OS/2 and eComStation "Co-developed by IBM and Microsoft, it was intended to replace DOS, the aging software that then powered most of the planet's microcomputers. It never did. Instead, Microsoft's Windows reinvigorated DOS, helping to end IBM's control of the PC standard it had created. By the mid-1990s, IBM had given up on OS/2 - a major step in the company's slow-motion retreat from the PC industry, which it completed in 2005 by agreeing to sell its PC division to China's Lenovo. But while OS/2 never truly caught on, it's also never gone away. Even if you believe that you never saw it in action, there's a decent chance that you unwittingly encounter it at least occasionally to this day." The last time I took a look at eComStation was way back in 2007.
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Serenity Systems is like any other "legacy support" company out there: they just want old support contracts for themselves, not actually engaging in serious software development, and then suck the maximum amount possible from the product until his dead.

That is probably fair enough, but I think it overlooks a factor more significant than Serenity Systems business model - they don't have the source code.

They never had the intent of actually making eComstation a competitive product to get new end users (they do not even/ever has/had the resources to do so), and the development that still goes on is just the minimum to keep their legacy support business running.

Any and all changes they have made have been through SOM/DSOM extensions, driver additions, adding/changing art assets, icons, etc., or patching binaries as the machine code level. There is only so much one can actually do without the source code.

Not making any excuses for them, your points are all valid. Just saying that without the source code their ability to do anything constructive with OS/2 outside of simple legacy support is rather limited.

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