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Google It happened when I first used a PalmOS device. It happened when I first used the BeOS. It happened when I first used an iPhone. And now it's happened by just watching a video - that sense that there's no need to wait for the future, because it's already here. Google has just unveiled its augmented reality glasses, Project Glass, and it will blow you away.
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Tech Specs
by jburnett on Wed 4th Apr 2012 17:37 UTC
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Too bad they don't give the tech specs for the glasses. Used to play with this stuff back in college. It was fun, but the devil was always in the details: resolution, virtual/physical world registration, processing power, battery life, weight, fragility.

These appear to be monoptic. Unless a lot has changed in the last few years, monoptic AR glasses feel weird. Of course bioptic glasses have all kinds of problems with inter-pupillary distance which need to be worked out.

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