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Games AppleInsider, once one of the better Apple news sites, is rumouring that Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted at Valve's HQ. Considering all the rumours Valve is working on a console (more fuel for the flames), this could potentially be interesting. As much as AppleInsider's story is being spread across the web - can anybody actually verify AI's story? It cites no sources, and could, for all we know, be completely made up. Anyone...?
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RE[4]: Sense...this makes none
by Tony Swash on Sun 15th Apr 2012 18:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Sense...this makes none"
Tony Swash
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"Since Valve is privately held just having plenty of money doesn't mean Apple could purchase it.

Other than that, I highly doubt Gabe would want to sell his company to Apple. Valve is as open and consumer-friendly a game company running an online game store can be - the complete antithesis to Apple.

Water and fire, basically.

Genuine question - in what way is Valve 'open'?

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