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Games AppleInsider, once one of the better Apple news sites, is rumouring that Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted at Valve's HQ. Considering all the rumours Valve is working on a console (more fuel for the flames), this could potentially be interesting. As much as AppleInsider's story is being spread across the web - can anybody actually verify AI's story? It cites no sources, and could, for all we know, be completely made up. Anyone...?
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It was the Pippin... and it was an Apple/Bandai collaboration that did not carry Apple branding. It ran a slimed down core of System 7.5.2 on a PowerPC 603 platform.

It was late to the party in a sea of consoles and did not have a clear advantage.

I don't really see how branding matters as it was still an Apple product and it's not as if Apple haven't been late to the party with other products that have since become a major success.

I'm just making the point that Apple have ventured into this market before so it wouldn't be a great leap of faith to think they may again.

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