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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless European carriers are dissatisfied with the Nokia Lumia phones, Reuters has found out. According to the carriers, the Lumia phones are simply "not good enough" to compete with the iPhone and Android phones. Nobody comes into stores asking for windows phones, and one carrier executive said "if the Lumia with the same hardware came with Android in it and not Windows, it would be much easier to sell". Ouch.
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RE[2]: Lazy carriers
by blue_fox on Tue 17th Apr 2012 12:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Lazy carriers"
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OK, up to a point I agree with you, it's up to the manufacturers to come up with a desirable & functional product.

In this specific case I think MS and Nokia have already delivered on their side of the bargain, the available phones seem at least competitive with similarly priced Android phones, so the carrier dissatisfaction just reads like corporate whining, they don't want to carry any burden of educating their staff and potential buyers about a newish platform, they would rather continue to sell bucketloads of Android phones with which people are familiar. Again, OK I suppose.

I'd just rather they did put some effort in and we ended up with 3 viable mobile platforms rather than 2.

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RE[3]: Lazy carriers
by Radio on Tue 17th Apr 2012 13:18 in reply to "RE[2]: Lazy carriers"
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Instead of reading tech blog pundits (Verge, Engadget, Techcrunch and whatnot), everybody should read a real specialist:

(Yes, this guy is completely biased and has a long-winded writing style, but he knows in-depth what he is talking about and he has the arguments to back his (strong) opinions.)

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RE[4]: Lazy carriers
by arpan on Tue 17th Apr 2012 14:52 in reply to "RE[3]: Lazy carriers"
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Wow, that's a long article.

That article makes a lot of sense. I don't think sales to networks was the only reason that Nokia crashed, but it definitely was an important reason.

Samsung, Huawei & ZTE have been growing because they have managed to build relationships with the networks. I bet most of the phones Huawei & ZTE sell are rebranded with the networks names.

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RE[3]: Lazy carriers
by dsmogor on Wed 18th Apr 2012 13:26 in reply to "RE[2]: Lazy carriers"
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There's nothing wrong with Lumia. WP7 is just ill suited for being for running a flagship phones, because WinCe doesn't (by design) support multiprocessing.
WP7 is an middle end featurephone like os at best. If SElop wasn't blinded by MS KoolAid running in his veins he would have predicted it and toned down his Windows strategy until WP8 is ready, heavily promoting PlanB MeeGo devices (N9, N950) for a year already.
The fact is with WP7 Nokia has nothing to offer on the high-end (that it desperately needs to regain) and low-end (that it desperately needs to keep). SElop will be remembered as a man that ended European competitiveness in digital era.

That else he should have done is to licence Miguel de Icaza Silverlight runtime on MeeGo so that selected WP7 apps could run on it. This way he would have had a cake (sales of desirable, future proofed N9 ) and have eaten the cake (door open for joining whatever ecosystem that proves itself on the market).

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