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Graphics, User Interfaces "GIMP 2.10's core will be 100% ported to GEGL, and all of the legacy pixel fiddling API for plug-ins is going to be deprecated." I'll honestly admit I have no idea what they're on about (I can't know everything about everything), but it appears to be quite a big deal.
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GPU Acceleration!?
by Kivada on Wed 18th Apr 2012 09:15 UTC
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If I'm not mistaken the GEGL engine also supports OpenCL, which is great news as from what I've been reading OpenCL support in the Gallium3D drivers via the Gallium Compute state tracker is looking like it could be ready by the merge window for the fall releases which would allow for at least the Evergreen, Northern Islands and NV50 series GPUs to have support initially.

I dunno when Intel will have support though.

Many of the next gen ARM GPUs are also supposed to have OpenCL support

*Almost completely OT*
I hope like hell some company is smart enough to make a tablet/netbook with a detachable keyboard like the Acer Iconia with a 1920x1280 res screen, the 2.5Ghz quad variant of the Cortex A-15 and the Mali T658 GPU. Something like that would have incredible performance and be amazing for all current HD content(have the video player automatically rotate for pixel perfect 1280x720p and 1920x1080p) as well as be very good for gaming and even some actual work as the CPU wouldn't be too bad, but the GPU is supposed to be slightly more powerful then that of the PS3's Cell, so OpenCL based multimedia editing apps would perform very well on it.

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